Scorpio, Vol. 2: Signs of the Times

by Quentino

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When you see the clouds moving from the east, you say "The rain is coming." And so it is. When the desert wind blows, you say "It will be hot." And it is. All of you can read the signs of the earth and the sky. How is it you can't read the signs of the times?

The second installment in Quentino's 'Scorpio' mixtape series, "Signs of the Times" picks up where the previous release left off. Quentino apologizes for his recent absence and makes his intent known: The throne is for the taking. Assisted by appearances from fellow Publish or Perish crewmen Black Smith, DJ Doo-Bay, Kreative Tendencies, and QUAY; as well as prominent ChromeOmega member All-Star; the project is merely a sign of things to come.

Publish or Perish is a hip hop collective formed and founded by Austin Dobbins (a.k.a. Kreative Tendencies), Grant Dube (a.k.a. DJ Doo-Bay), and Jessie Smith (a.k.a. Black Smith). Associated acts also include Jason Quaynor (a.k.a. QUAY), Tyler Sutherland (a.k.a. CT), and Quentino (a.k.a. Quentin Roberts).


released June 27, 2013

VOCALS: Quentino (all tracks); Black Smith (tracks 1, 5, 9, and 15); Rihanna (track 3); Christina Perri (track 4); QUAY (track 5); DJ Doo-Bay (tracks 5 and 9); Kreative Tendencies (track 5); All-Star (tracks 11 and 14); Kendrick Lamar (track 14)

PRODUCTION: Quentino (exec.); Black Smith (co-exec.); General Beatz (track 1); J. Cole (track 2); JayR-NYC (track 2); Ne-Yo (track 2); Chuck Harmony (track 3); Makeba Riddick (track 3); Christina Perri (track 4); Drew Lawrence (track 4); Barrett Yeretsian (track 4); J. Cardim (track 5); JayBeats (track 6); Hit-Boy (track 7); DJ Doo-Bay (track 8); Arch Tha Boss (track 9); Dr. Dre (track 10); Kanye West (tracks 11 and 13); Cool and Dre (track 14); Alex Da Kid (track 15)

MIXING AND MASTERING: Quentino (all tracks); Black Smith (tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 14 and 16); CT (tracks 4 and 5)

ALBUM AND SINGLE ARTWORK: CT (album artwork); Stealth Designs (@AduroArt) (tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, and 7)



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Track Name: Taking the Throne
[Verse 1 - Quentino]
Sorry, ladies and gentleman, that this nigga been gone for a while
Might as well go ahead and stay up, because I'm takin' the throne now
Bitch, everyone says that he's better than me, so I'm startin' to itch like fleas
Oh wait--- but when I take the throne, everyone who hates me better learn to flee
I'm the 5th King of P.O.P., bitch nigga better learn to bow down to the king
On your knees, nigga! Usherin' the takeover, but I'm not Jay-Z
So I'll stick with Ether. I never carried a nine
Because I have a mind
To be able to write down the plans
To end up takin' yo' lands
I fight for my clan
And that clan is ChromeOmega
So know that when you see me (echo), that means it's the omega
The end of your life line--- oh wait, oh my God!
Your whole career just flat-lined! Bye.

[Hook - Black Smith]
Earn a front-row seat to the home of the slave
Cop a first-class ticket for the escape that we crave
Win a crash-course wit' us on the road that we've paved
'Cause we've come too far to let Fate get in our way
Now it's time to make bank as we break all our chains
And it's time to gang-way and set the palace ablaze
So we crank the sound up in the whip and press play
All these notes are the key to the throne that we take!
(Nigga, what?)

[Verse 2 - Quentino]
The lights shut off; understand I'm 'bout to blow off
My resurrection should be comin' from Jesus
I put my sweat, my tears, and my struggles on paper
I've waited long enough, so it's time to say "hey there!"
It's the return of me
I'm the Scorpio King
My Zodiac tells it all, so I will not fall, I will not fail
I'm tired of livin' in Hell; niggas been wantin' to see me in a jail cell
Fuck them niggas! Fuck the A!
I'm gettin' locked up---
Behind bars, my uncle should be home right now
I'm tired of people who act like they support you
But instead a lot of those people wanna make fun of you
They say you great; then they change their minds and say you suck
Nowadays I just tell them to fuck off
I don't respect no one until they can give respect
Oh wait a second--- I'm takin' the throne, Scorpio King, BITCH!

[Hook - Black Smith]
Earn a front-row seat to the home of the slave
Cop a first-class ticket for the escape that we crave
Win a crash-course wit' us on the road that we've paved
'Cause we've come too far to let Fate get in our way
Now it's time to make bank as we break all our chains
And it's time to gang-way and set the palace ablaze
So we crank the sound up in the whip and press play
All these notes are the key to the throne that we take!
(Nigga, what?)
Track Name: Russian Roulette (Remix)
[Intro - Quentino]
Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock.
Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock.
Yeah! Look...!

[Verse - Quentino]
Agression, progression...
Nowadays it ends up growin' like it's an erection
But instead you be hearin' 'bout my life, and knowin' that it's supposed to be sweet
And y'know what? Sometimes, yeah, it could be a little sweet
But there's other times where it ends up feelin' like it's so hard
In this life, and knowin' that people keep on goin' so far
So what am I supposed to do? Knowin' that these people keep on tug-and-warrin'
Like it's nothin' but! And I'm hearin' 'bout the terrorities that people have been claimin'
Nowadays I end up hearin' about the life that I've been "living":
It's such a heavenly place... Nah, I'm just kiddin'.
This place that I'm livin' at ain't even heavenly at all, not even close to it!
Knowin' that these people end up bringin' their guns, bringin' their words
Nowadays they end up bringin' the war to themselves
And y'know what? I ain't even tryin' to bring war to myself
But I gotta be able to make a difference when it came to wealth
Yes indeed! I often am wonderin', What I am? Who I am?
Nothin' more but a Scorpio guy
Tryna be able to live his life
Out to the fullest, but instead
Know that these people keep on bringin' up institutions
Like they is part of the government
And a part of the resolution
But yet they don't know what a resolution is
Until they look deep inside of themselves
Be able to hear your (own) wealth
But instead, you'll end up wonderin', Where the hell it at?
And I'm just wonderin', What am I supposed to do with that?
Not a bit. Because that'll end up puttin' me deep in struggles
I done struggled so many times when it came to my life
Already 19, supposed to turn 20
But you'll end up thinkin' that you could even make 50
But I'm not even able to guarantee another day
Until the day I end up finally seein' if I'll be able to make it
But instead these people keep on bringin' me down
Well, y'know what? I hit the ground
Almost like I'm Ground Zero
But instead they think I'm underground hero
(I ain't gay!) How can I even be a hero?
Not even Superman can't even fly into the sky
Because these people keep on bringin' him down
Like they part of gravity, keep on grabbin' me if you wish
But you won't be able to knock me down no more!
Not anymore! I'm sick and tired of the same things these people keep talkin' 'bout
They talk about the money, the cars, the jewelry
Everything that's so material,
And I can't take it!
Finally, end up seein' aggression growin' deep inside of me
Because of all the things they be speakin' while we in poverty
They say that I'm livin' in poverty, but no sir, I'm not
So you better get it right when you speak about my life
In the same old place, same old time
Yes indeed,
Ardmore, get it right
Because this life we all leadin' ain't right
I know that ain't right, because we too busy claimin' this and that
And end up thinkin' that we are part of this and that
And end up doin' things we know we shouldn't be doin'
Yeah, we livin' in sin,
And that's a darn shame, because y'know what?
It all started with Adam and Eve
Why do we have to be
The one pull the gun out on our "enemy"?
I don't understand why
Why it gotta be somebody in the family
Who lost it, with their family members?
Or end up gettin' into it, a loss of diffusion
And all of a sudden, man, the fuses is lit
And end up makin' explosions,
Like it ain't nothin' but dynamite.
I've already exploded, now I wanna be that one supernova
And end up engulfin' the place,
Like I'm 'bout to put another blaze in ya
But even worse, because you'll just turn into ashes
And all because people be lashin'
Out nowadays like they thinkin' of whiplash
Black clash!!!

[Outro - Quentino]
Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock.
Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock.
Gun. Shot!
Track Name: Remember the Titans (feat. DJ Doo-Bay, Kreative Tendencies, Black Smith & QUAY)
[Verse 1 - DJ Doo-Bay]
We three kings? Make that six
Man, Three 6 Mafia: we are the shit
Yeah, you can call us the New Age New Wave
This is how we do it, man: We takin' it, we seizin' the day
The crown is ours! Man, the kingdom has come
This is how we been doin' it, man: We've been sent from above
Yeah, we the angels, the riders, the Seven Horsemen
We're comin' to slaughter all y'all bitches, because this is our time... again
Yeah, we doin' it! Re-run that back
You heard me! One more time, this is our fuckin' track
This is how we're doin' it: Murderin', pillaging, rapin'
You know we're doin' this shit, and murkin' them all of the days end
Yeah, till I get old, till I die, till I'm decrepit
See, you know I'm doin' this shit, you couldn't even measure me
This is my talent, my honor and glory
Motherfucker, I ain't through yet: listen to our story
Remember the day, that you remembered my name
My name is D-O-O-B-A-Y, Doo-Bay
That's right; you heard me!
Yeah, that's how we do it: Kickin' fancy bars, fancy cars
You know we doin' it all day! Motherfucker, we live
So large, so large; yeah, that's how we're doin' it
Livin' real BIG, real BIG; you know we never losin' it
This is ours, this is the day we seizin' it, bitch
This is P.o.P., motherfucker! We the kings, we rich!

[Verse 2 - Kreative Tendencies]
First off, let me say hi! My name is Kreative
I got a beat that burns strips--- yeah, I mean "cremated"
Lemme say hi to everybody on the strip
Before I hop in the whip
And I just drive, straight
No stoppin'! Pedal to the medal
I ain't stoppin' for nothin', unless it's gas or a drink
Or, model-type chick sittin' on the side of the road
That ain't gon' make me pay for the fuckin' pink
And I ain't talkin' 'bout "pink" as gettin' in them cars
I'm talkin' 'bout "pink" is me gettin' in bras
And gettin' in them drawers (What?!?)
Huhh? I'm sorr', I'm just tryna do my best to stay, out from them bars
I, I mean, stay out from behind bars
I'm just trying to do everything legit, Ma
I'm just trying to do everything like my Momma says
Back to the fact that this beat is
Vegas strip in the Fifties
Me in my zoot suit, red, no dickies
Got the gators on, light glistenin'
You can see it, light glistenin'
Off the, Rolex, behind that crystal glass
I keep tickin' like that line behind the crystal glass
I keep movin', keep goin'
I'm not stoppin' for nobody, I got the Pifinarina movin'!

[Verse 3 - Black Smith]
Black Smith here, (hah!), we ready for war
Said we was honing our craft--- "what you preparing us for?"
The homies asked me. I replied, "the takeover's in store
They ain't ready, 'cause we 'bout to make Doomsday even more!"
Fuck the world; she's a whore --- fuck the Mayans, we score
'Bout to bring the gavel down on the John Conners of lore
Bust through their decorum, usher Death through the door
He been tailin' me since I ain't shown remorse to the Lord
But what if I do? Would that make Shame go away
Nah, niggas ain't survive to tell tales the next day
That's why I unload on the track, like there's no comin' back
I'm unleasin' my wrath, son; what you know about dat?
Gearin' up for the clash, now that I've chosen this path
Robert Frost at the fork, got me rethinkin' fast
Clouds are loomin' around, the darkest ones, matter fact
Apocalypse strikes, yeah we the ones up to bat
The microphone sage, African-American pain
Still Pegasus vein, stallion forever in fame
Goin' Medusa on page, died free at young age
All divine-inspired reasons for you to remember my name

[Verse 4 - QUAY]
It's spiritual: The sermon of sixteen bars
Instrumental, beat ain't it?
Lyri-cism slayed it
All them other rappers fainted
Hot, and bothered, by the brother's silver tongue
What he done?
Nothin' but layin' soul on wax, tracks melt
Apple cinnamon candles, handle
This juggernaut grippin' knots, screamin' "Black Wall Street" to the grave
Cookin' lyrics he done slaved
Like a 1955 housewife
Unappreciated, but related to lovin' hip hop
Hold it in, fuck that!
I fixed dinner, throw that!
Frying pan to the head--- hell yeah, my nigga hold dat!
It's forever Atlas; no need for mythology
Holdin' up the state with god body
Puttin' my DNA on the beat
Now, how dare a rapper said he did it like me?
Put them brain cells to labor for the paper
Maybe later they'll realize the feats he complete
Maybe when they six feet
Enlightened by the heights of heaven
God can give 'em the divine eyes of I
Damn!... I just lied
'Cause it's QUAY: the greatness in time
Blow minds, yo' mind's mine
By the time you know mine's, it's past time
And all these lines scream, "get 'em!"
I got 'em! ... Don't go nowhere, I stop 'em!
Where they at? ...I lost 'em
They playin' dead--- possum
Ain't no problems, 'cause I just solved 'em!

[Verse 5 - Quentino]
Now pay attention to the signs!
The resurrection of your intersession might remain an inception
Go to sleep until you hear the stomp of my feet, don't even retreat
Be able to accept defeat from the Titan of Greece
Or was it Rome? I wanna go home
And all of a sudden I'm realizin' that most of these terms are "so long!"
You stay on track, you'll run into the fact that I am the nigga
That would pull on the trigger without a ticker!
Part of the six kings you see
But instead I come through with no envy
Almost like these people end up bringin' in them entrees
I'm into the club, you just hate on them dubs
You hate my own swag, well y'know what? That's my town
Full of them haters, well I'm not one of them
'Cause I come right through, and I'm about to lose it
'Bout to lose my mind, as always, with the crew
People better not stare,
Or be ready for that futuristic flare---that solar flare!
Attack ya like a nuclear bomb, or atomic bomb
About ready to lose it like people of drama
You'll end up thinkin' of Guya
You'll end up thinkin' of Mayans
You'll end up thinkin' that niggas are gonna just break down
But instead I end up goin' around and end up knockin' ya'll niggas down
I don't really give a fuck
Yeah nigga, what you down with? Not a damn thing.
This is my crew, P.o.P., what it do, nigga?
Straight off of that shit, niggas are wonderin' about my shit
Well y'know what? Shit, I just gave up. Fuck it! I'm done with this shit, bitch!

[Outro - Kreative Tendencies]
Shout-out to the entire Publish or Perish crew!!!