Scorpio, Vol. I

by Quentino

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The first installment in a planned trilogy of mixtapes, "Scorpio, Vol. 1" chronicles the story of up-and-coming rapper Quentino as he sets out to establish a name for himself in the city he both loves and hates.


released September 4, 2012

VOCALS: Quentino (all tracks); Black Smith (tracks 3, 7, 8 and 14); All Star (tracks 6, 7, 11 and 13); Yung Fred (track 7); ChromeOmega (track 7)

PRODUCTION: Quentino (exec.); JeeJuh (track 1); J. Cole (tracks 2 and 3); Pete Rock (track 4); B-Side (track 4); DJ Simonsayz (track 4); Str33tbeats (track 5); B.o.B. (track 6); KB (track 6); Lifted (track 7); Mike Dean (track 7); Kanye West (track 7); Hudson Mohawke (track 7); Alex da Kid (track 8); No I.D. (track 9); T-Minus (track 10); VTZ (tracks 11 and 13); The Beat Bully (track 12); J. Cardim (track 14)

MIXING AND MASTERING: Quentino (tracks 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12 and 13); Black Smith (tracks 2, 3, 4, 9, 10 and 14)

ALBUM AND SINGLE ARTWORK: Quentino (album concept); StealthDesigns (@ElephantStealth) [album artwork]; YeezyWorldPeace (track 3); Lyrical (track 4)

SPECIAL THANKS TO: All who listen



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Track Name: Sideline Story
This right here...
The story of my life.
To how it all started out...
To where I am right now.

[Verse - Quentino]
That's when I came through
Ended up seein' nothin' but the lights from the hospital room
Didn't understand what all was goin' on
After that, man, life ends up goin' straight on
Then all of a sudden, three months later, they end up tellin' me
That I've been diagnosed with sickle cell anemia
But I ain't understand what that was
We thought it was just somethin' that ya live with
Or somethin' that could be finished
But instead, as life ends up goin' straight on--...
Yeah, I'm playin' sports
But instead, finally seen that something's goin' wrong!
'Cause I end up wakin' up around the midnight
Around my fourth grade year, all of a sudden (that ya understand!)
I end up goin' to the bathroom, fell over
Didn't know what was goin' on durin' times
Then we hafta rush me to the hospital
They finally said, "Oh, he's just fine..." {echo}
But they don't understand---
This is Ardmore, man!
So they can't be able to see the whole entire idea
But instead family end up havin' to rush me
All the way to the OKC Hospital;
The Children's Hospital, yeah---
And then, all of a sudden, they end up sayin'
That I had a stroke and I wasn't going to make it
That I was gonna be handicapped, in a wheelchair
But look at me: I'm still standin',
And yeah, I'm still talkin'!
So, understand the difference,
'Cause I'mma still keep walkin'
Gotta keep on tellin' my story till the day I'm gone
They end up tellin' me that this ain't even a miracle
But then again, I know that it's such a miracle!
Because I, couldn't be able to speak
Couldn't be able to walk, couldn't be able to,
Do things that I'm doin' today!
So understand: When I end up tellin' my story
Y'all best believe that this is all true, ain't no stories!
But instead, man, as years keep on goin'...
End up in depression, next thing ya knowin'
Mama end up hearin' that I'm suicidal
Almost cut myself with a knife
And almost took my life
And y'know what? It was so depressin'
And for real, we end up cryin' our tears
Sheddin' our tears, and everything else, all through the years
I'm still strugglin' with it, but I'm doin' the best I can
To be able to survive, during all of these times, and knowin'
That I'm losin' all of my family members
They say they got my back, but I don't really even see it
'Cause you know what? There were times I really need 'em and they already gone
They on the other side, too busy in doin' their own thing
And y'know what, man? I'm too busy doin' my thing
But yet I don't know what I'm doing
'Cause I'm gettin' all caught up
In nothin' but trouble
And that, ends up makin' it double
Knowin' that this is my life---
Yeah, I'm just wonderin' why
Why me, God, why am I still livin' though?
But yet, he done told me you gotta be able to make music
He spoke to my parents---said I gotta be able to make music
Even though, at the beginning
(Yeah!) I wasn't gonna be able to make music
But now you can see, that they
Ended up, bein' my inspiration
And now I'm gonna keep goin'!
Track Name: Who Dat [Freestyle] (feat. Black Smith)
[Intro - Quentino & Black Smith]
QUENTINO: Yeahhhh!
BLACK SMITH: Testing, testing... OK!
QUENTINO: Q-Teezy!!! 'Bout to make it easy...!
BLACK SMITH: Who dat, who dat? Ay!!!
QUENTINO: Who dat, who dat, dats comin' through?
BLACK SMITH: Who dat, who dat? S.D., nigga! Cole World! NC... all right, all right, all right...!

[Verse 1 - Black Smith]
Guess who's back? It's the Smith who's Black
From the P.o.P., Publish or Perish pack
All you trill O.G.'s, I salute and dap
And as the facts come forward, watch the fakes fall back
Yo MCSmith Raps! Wow this Cole beat slaps!
Damn right, dumbass! Cut all your vain chit-chat!
While you concern yourself with all these rims and racks
Watch your bad main bitch go head 'n' erect my flag:
"I claim this planet in the name of that
Young nigga J-Bird!" --dead center of the map
And as you Houston niggas waste your time with that
I tell yo 'bitch, "Bown down, pucker up, and smack!"
"Too far!" you say? "What you mean by that?!"
Look, yo bitch's all Game, so I know I run that
I'm here to stay, touchdown! New stat!
And before I peace out-- R.I.P. Spence Datt!"

[Hook - Black Smith & Quentino]
BLACK SMITH: Ay! So, who dat, who dat? Black Smith got that flame, ay!
QUENTINO: Who dat, who dat? 'Bout to come right in!
BLACK SMITH: Who dat, who dat? Black Smith got that flame!
QUENTINO: Who dat, who dat? 'Bout to come right in! So you already know my fuckin' name, nigga!
BLACK SMITH: Got 'em sayin'...

[Verse 2 - Quentino]
Who dat, who dat don't really give a shit?
Knowin' that these niggas here down South don't really hear me
'Cause you know what? I be spittin' so fast, they can't get it
And you know what? It don't really matter, I still spit it
Spit it on you like I'm 'bout to spit out a loogie
But instead, people end up hearin' that I lack fluids
And you know what, bro? This is the difference
Of knowin' when to think they ready for this!
But this is a little different, when I end up comin' in
You'll probably think I'm goin' like Krayzie Bone
But end up even like this song!
Know I'm 'bout to hit it like I'm Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
'Bout to bring it deeper harmony
Don't even hate upon the game---ignorin' that they hatin'
But I guess that's just what haters do: they hate upon me
You can hate the whole crew if ya wish
But guess what? Shoot! I'm goin' in next, mayne!
Who dat? Nah. Who dat? Then again, you wouldn't even know who that is
Because I never hit the South so hard, but I'm about to bust through the fuckin' wall, bitch!

[Hook - Quentino]
Who dat, who dat?
Bitch, I'm 'bout to hit 'em up!
Who dat, who dat?
BItch, you should already know!
Who dat, who dat?
I think I lost the tone
But I don't really give a fuck, though
So fuck y'all all!
(Hahaha! All right! Nah, I can keep goin'!)

[Verse 3 - Quentino]
Now I'm about to let y'all know somethin':
Yeah, still a nigga strayed off of it (Keep going)
Yeah, still a nigga still reppin' ChromeOmega though (Keep going)
But who knows? I might sign with a different deal, though
Just bein' honest about this whole thing...
Yes, indeed, the whole thing...
You know what? I'mma just go ahead and say it:
I might end up tryna get with Publish or Perish. How bout dat?
Yes, indeed, I'm just another person
End up tryna make the producer a little looser
But you know what? People out here think they dealin' with losers
I might be a loser, but I WILL be known as a winner, nigga!
You know me now. You should know it
Know that I'm 'bout to come through with new swag, yes!
It's so hot out here, but yet I still got shorts on
But niggas be thinkin' they got more then they Poles on!

[Outro - Quentino]
Who dat, who dat?
Yeah, it's the Q-Teezy!
Who dat, who dat?
Yeah, it's the Q-Teezy!
Who dat, who dat?
Yeah, it's just Q-Teezy!
So worry 'bout this motherfuckin' dick, nigga! Ya bitch!!!
Track Name: Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free)
[Intro - Quentino]
Yeah, shout out to Lupe Fiasco!
Pete Rock, you too!
Shout out to you, bro!

[Verse - Quentino]
Now I live in a different generation
But yet they talk about the old school generation
But everything ends up having interaction
From the people that end up thinkin' about the way it's gon' end
I end up pickin' apart flows---yes indeed, man
I end up doin' my own flow---but instead, bro
They end up talkin' about... "Wait, there is another generation comin' in!"
They end up takin' about the Generation of Y
Why is this? And everything else...
But then again, bro...I don't even know
But I'm just hopin' that the whole entire flow
Be able to hit those that are in need
Because, y'know what man? We livin' in the streets
I finally see a bunch of niggas too busy bein' hood
Sellin' drugs, and all of that other shit that we shouldn't be doin'
But I guess that's the life of a gangsta
And y'know what? I ain't livin' no gangsta life
You gotta be able to understand: This is Quentino
Yes indeed, you'll be thinkin' like I'm Al Pacino
But then again, niggas end up hearin' 'bout my name
They'll end up thinkin', "Oh, this nigga like the mafia?"
You could say that if you wish to
But I ain't rollin' with a fuckin' mob, nigga
It's just me, myself, and I!
Run the whole generation 'round the whole entire world
Best believe we all a part of different generations
But it don't matter, 'cause we still part the same thing
One world, one peace, everything mayne!
One religion--- all that, but nobody ends up hearin' 'bout the rate
That these rappers are killin' it; hold on a second!
I'm just hangin' with the best of the left, and,
Yes indeed, man, I been taught by the best
And you know what? I'mma learn from the rest
I've learned our whole generation's black history
And best believe that it an't nothin' mo' than misery
That we livin' in! I end up hearin' 'bout the niggas that are bein' racist
Against their own kind of generation
Their own racism, their own color
What kind of shit is that, nigga?
I don't understand why we doin' this shit to each other
Pull the gun out on the nigga that whooped ya
But yet, I guess it's just life, because a nigga think
"Oh, I ain't havin' this shit, I'm 'bout to bust his ass!"
Well, you can't just bust a nigga that whooped ya ass
That's just a part of life, nigga--- that's part of life
But I guess none of these niggas wanna listen at all
Because you know what? They think they gonna buck a ball!
And all that other shit... they too busy thinkin' that
"Oh wait, we a bunch of punks"
You end up bein' a punk that pull out a gun
And end up shootin' some innocent nigga; yeah you won/one!
Not a game!
All of a sudden these niggas killin' each over them colors
Red, blue, orange... what kind of shit is this, nigga?
I wear black and white. What you got against that?
Not a bit, but yet we a part of different generations in this
And knowin' how the older generation is
They talk about, "I'll whoop your ass and beat the hell out of ya!"
I really believe that, because you know what?
My mamma part of that old generation, and you know what?
Shit, I'm not about to get my ass whooped
Over some shit, that I done, that caused a bunch of trouble
But yet, even then, when there was trouble,
These niggas end up thinkin' about that double---
Shit, double my ass! And knowin' that niggas end up makin' it triple
And quadruple, because you know what?
When the system gets us, they always
End up makin' sure, that they makin' examples out of us
Through all the bullshit. I done seen so many of my niggas in jail
All niggas in jail!
It's a damn kind of shame how we up in jail!
Too busy endin' up a momentary thug
Too busy tryna be nothin' but gangbangers
Throwin' up our sets, I'mma throw up mine
But I ain't bangin', nigga, so understand my line:
Yes indeed, I'mma stay on my side
You stay on yours, and there won't be no problems
But I guess niggas end up thinkin' that I'm threatenin'
I'm just tryin' to keep the peace, but you steppin' in
You too busy steppin' in on a nigga
That end up thinkin' that he ain't got nothin' but the trigger
I'm not pullin' triggers--- y'all niggas better believe it
I'm 'bout to be bustin' through some niggas like some semen
But y'know what? Too busy tryna feed our generation
But the government ends up bein' a bunch of bitches
And you know what? Suck it!
I ain't even trippin'
'Cause niggas end up knowin'
That I'mma really, kill the whole beat
But then again, you know...!

[Outro - Quentino]
But then again, you know
It's the Quentino!
No Al Pacino!
Scarface on me...
Nah, I'm bullshittin'!
Fuck the shit, that a nigga might say
You can suck on a dick then!...
Track Name: Dreams (Interlude)
[Intro - Quentino]
Now I got somethin' to tell y'all, man:
Y'all gotta dream, bro?
You better get to it!
Live it out!
'Cause I'm tryna live out my dream, too!
Hear me out...

[Verse - Quentino]
From the beginning of time, yeah, I ain't gonna lie
I was too busy tryna make sure that I do this and that
Sometimes my dreams end up changin' on me
But I guess that's life
Because you know what, man? I have to think twice
Or three times, just before I could be able to make an action
And everything else that people be thinkin'---like a reaction
But I'm still gonna be able to do what I do best
But you end up thinkin' that you ain't ready for the test
But yet, even God will put you through a test
I ain't gonna lie to y'all people,
'Cause you know what, man? It's all true, to the eagles
Everytime that I be thinkin' 'bout it, man, I'm tryna be able to see Mars
Be able to reach for the stars
Sometimes I be thinkin' that that sky is the limit
But it ain't the limit for me...I'm goin' deep into the space
Yes indeed, you could say I'm outta this world, bro
'Cause I plan on bein' deep, outside of this world, bro!
Regardless of what they be thinkin'---boxin' me like styrofoam
Nowadays I be doin' things almost like an All-Star
But instead, you know what man? I'm makin' my own kind of records
Makin' sure that I do things in my profession like that level!
Even though I'm with different people
It's still ChromeOmega till the day that I'm gone
It's already in my veins, what you know isn't gone
And everything else that these people thinkin' of (my) tone
Yeah, my tone might be deep in the gutter
{Deep in the utter}
But y'all don't understand what it's like to be another
Person that's an outcast
Sometimes I be thinkin' that I'm an OutKast
But do I care if I'm known as the outcast?
Nah, I really doubt it
Rarely believe that at all 'cause y'know what, man?
This is my life that I'm livin'.
I'm hopin' to be able to reach that dream
That goal that I've been dreamin' of!
And if y'all think y'all can get in the way, try me!
But I doubt you'll be able to stand in the way--- why eh?
Ignorin' the way y'all thinkin' that I end up livin' my life,
Y'all too busy goin' after all these other Faymus rappers
You can't even give people from the underground a chance
And if you did you probably gave 'em, like, one chance
Yeah, I done seen it so many times
We barely get a chance to do anything with our lives
We too busy bein' judged, too busy bein' stereotyped
I done seen it so many times...
Man, I just respitted my line!
And every time that I think about it, I don't get it
Why do we speak of death, when we don't even know what happens?
I'm sick and tired of hearin' about death
I'm sick and tired of havin' this whole damn world on this chest!!!
Because you know what? This life that I'm living
Is full of the bullshit that niggas end up puttin' us in, and
Nowadays, that I think about it... shit,
We put ourselves up in this life... shit!
And this a damn shame, though
But I gotta get goin' till the day that I finally reach my main goal
Gotta keep on racin' to the finish line
Yeah it's a long way there, but I'm tryna be able to reach it
Regardless of what they think, regardless of what they say
Don't let nobody tell you that you can't reach your dreams, bro!
'Cause I'm reachin' for mines, too, and I'm hopin' that you reach for yours also! ...
Track Name: Cold as Ice (feat. All Star)
[Intro - All Star & Quentino]
ALL STAR: Yo, bro!
ALL STAR: You know how cold I am?
QUENTINO: Colder than you?
ALL STAR: Nah, I'm so cold that you can't even touch me in basketball.... #23... I'm just playin'!
QUENTINO: Nigga... you is not a Michael Jordan.
ALL STAR: I'm not.
QUENTINO: I know you not!!!
ALL STAR: Let's get it crunk, though, bro!
QUENTINO: All right...
ALL STAR: Go to the hook part... let's do it!
ALL STAR: Omega!
QUENTINO: ... I said "Uh," not "Chrome"!
ALL STAR: It's ChromeOmega here!
QUENTINO: ... I know it's ChromeOmega...
ALL STAR: We're that cold, though. We're that cold!
QUENTINO: Chrome. O. Mega. Cold. As. Ice. Nigga!

[Hook - Lou Gramm]
You're as cold as ice
You're willing to sacrifice our love
You're as cold as ice
You're willing to sacrifice our love

[Verse 1 - All Star]
So cold as ice, I got the people lookin' at me
I got so much ice, and I'm blingin' like a champion
You know what's on my mind? The business of bein' "That Guy"
Like the people lookin' and chokin' on my balls! Nah-nah-nah!
Man, just pass me the ball!
I'll make the last shot
I'm #13 on the block
And I'm gonna get to that spot
It doesn't matter what the people do
They wanna pull out, hammer blare!
Like you niggas don't even know what the fuck I am there?
Yes, I'm cold as ice, cold and like
People lookin' at me like
I'm somethin' that you people think
I'm just never happenin'
Yes, I'm comin' from the desert
Bro, you wanna ray?
Like the people lookin' at me...sprayed everywhere!
But the people gonna know--- put their hands up in the air
Like you think you real or somethin'
Like you can come around the ball
Like a judge without a robe
I'm not like you, I run the whole globe
Like the hook said!...

[Hook - Lou Gramm]
You're as cold as ice
You're willing to sacrifice our love
You're as cold as ice
You're willing to sacrifice our love

[Verse 2 - Quentino]
(What's up with y'all, bro?
Quentino! No Al Pacino!
No frappucino either! Y'all ain't gettin' hype off of this?
Y'all should though!
But I guess, bein' cold as ice, I'm a frappucino...
Haha! Nah, here I go...
Wait... wait...nigga!)
It's the Quentino, y'all should already know the name
Knowin' that I've been goin' so fast, put the Blaze up in the game!
Nah, I'm playin'... I'm cold as ice!
Yes indeed, I be brinkin' the ice
Ring the game,
You'll be end up wonderin', Damn, where that ice at?
I be bringin' in the ice like y'all need ice sculptures
But instead... y'know what? You look like ice sculptures
All the way in, knowin' that my heart is The One
But then again, people be thinkin' that I brought a gun
Now I ain't the type to go like, "Blaow, blaow, blaow!"
But I'll still probably be the one to plo-- plo-- plot against ya
You people end up wonderin' what my name is
You'll probably think that I'm part of a mafia
Or maybe a mob, maybe the leadin' mobster
Then again, a monster
Then again, they wouldn't know because I'm like the consta-
Ble, indeed, I'll throw a blaze in your forester
Then again, you'll end up thinkin' I am a monster!
Cold as ice...

[Hook - Lou Gramm]

[Interlude - All Star]
ALL STAR: Ahhh, man... That's cold, that's cold right there!
QUENTINO: I'mma stay cold, die slow, on flow... nah, I'm just playin', I'm done! Haha!
ALL STAR: All right, bruh, we're gonna do it together!
QUENTINO: What we gotta do together, all right?
ALL STAR: Can you handle it? I don't think you can...

[Verse 3 - Quentino]
Never ever in life will they ever wanna deal with us
'Cause you know how I be doin' it: ChromeOmega is the realest
Then again, you know what, man? We just like a gorilla
I told All Star go ahead and kill the beat, bruh!

[Verse 4 - All Star]
Kill another beat
Like it did somethin' very demeanin'
Like a female kitten tellin' a lion
"Oh wait, I'm just lyin'!"
Runnin' up and roarin' like I'm beatin' on my chest
I guess I'm King Kong in this bitch
What else can be said? It's like...

[Verse 5 - Quentino]
He's like King Kong, but I'm like Godzilla
Put a blaze in your place, almost like Monstilla
But instead, it's even worser
'Cause I'm like that freakin' monster
End up hearin' 'bout the way I'm whirlin' like anaconda!

[Verse 6 - All Star]
Call me another monster, and call him Leader Monster
Goin' for ya head, gon' head and callin' the doctor
My flow is so sick, it's so fuckin' retarded
Got people lookin' so smart 'cause I be lookin' gnarla!

[Outro - Quentino & All Star]
QUENTINO: ... That was retarded.. That was so retarded...
ALL STAR: Yeah, that was the whole point, though. That was the whole point... you know that was tight, though. You know that was fly!
QUENTINO: Haha!!! It really was, bro...
ALL STAR: "Cold as Ice," guys...
QUENTINO: Whew!!! You know... it's supposed to be cold? But it's actually hot. Nah, I'm just playin' heart is cold. You wan' know why? 'Cause I'm with the crew!
QUENTINO: Yep!! ChromeOmega!
ALL STAR: It's burnin' in this bitch...!
Track Name: Words I Never Said [Remix] (feat. Black Smith)
[Hook - Skylar Grey]
It's so loud inside my head
With words that I should have said
As I drown in my regrets
I can't take back the words I never said

[Verse 1 - Quentino]
Fuck everything that they done told me, all these motherfuckin' medias
They end up sayin' that we dyin' in 2012---I doubt it
'Cause you know what, man? My faith'll end up comin' in
But they talkin' about, "Who this in here hittin' up these places?"
I know that they be racin', too many bein' racist
I seen so much shit happen that I can't even face it
But I guess I gotta face it, these motherfuckers end up thinkin'
That they ready to break the peace and y'know what?
I'mma take that beatin' for 'em!
I remember back when my momma done told me stories
'Bout back then in history that they end up not tellin' us
I know 'bout back up in them books---yeah, they kept it from us intentionally
So that we black people shouldn't know about our history
But do they speak it in schools? Do they speak it in media?
No, they don't even speak it, because they afraid
That we gon' be able to stand together
So what I tell the government?
Middle fingers to y'all bitches!
Y'all can suck my dick! And
Nowadays I don't play, nigga I'm comin' in!
These motherfuckers best be ready for Q-Teezy up in this bitch!
('Cause you know what? ...)

[Hook - Skylar Grey]
It's so loud inside my head
With words that I should have said
As I drown in my regrets
I can't take back the words I never said

[Verse 2 - Black Smith]
Man, I'm so disgusted with all these turds that we gettin' fed
I think it's safe to say that were are bein' misled
The voice inside my head is sayin' "Lay this matter to bed"
So I'd like to introduce you now to these words that i've never said
The emotion of dread, sprung by the pop of a glock
Why is that we all now feel despite for all that we fought?
Chains, whips, and record deals--- is that all we've bought?
They're just the straight jacket and noose for the freedom we once sought
Brothers, sisters, shake these masters of deception
The antidote lies in redirecting your perception
The greatest misconception is your impact will be lessened
By a bunch of fuckin' suits who push political depressant
But inside you, is the chance to make a difference
Recognize the past and be ever conscious of your present
The thing about power is it can always be redirected
Hope the spirits of the dead rediscover resurrection!

[Hook - Skylar Grey]
It's so loud inside my head
With words that I should have said
As I drown in my regrets
I can't take back the words I never said

[Verse 3 - Quentino]
Now ladies and gentlemen, as you can already see
They too busy raisin' taxes just for us to be free
But I doubt we'll be free, and matter of fact, lemme tell ya
They too busy deportin' Mexicans off all of they fee-dom
They just comin' here to be able to live in the freedom
The Republicans trippin' off of they little stack of they cash
But you know what? Fuck all of that!
Politicians and the government can learn to fuckin' kiss my ass!!!
Track Name: Sweet (Freestyle)
[Intro - Quentino]
Testing... testing!
Hello, world!!
It's Q-Teezy on the mic!
You know what it is, man!
No, no, it's Q.T.! Yeah, yeah...that's right!

[Verse 1 - Quentino]
I come right in out the gutter--- nobody know my story
You thinkin' you know me, but you really don't know the story
So lemme tell ya somethin', man: I'm not Notorious
Not even a thug or a gangster, so understand when I came in
And you know what, man? I end up bein' like a caveman
'Bout to bust people straight in the face like it's the amen
Nowadays you end up hearin' about my other name
But then again, it's only two! You talk about the names
You end up callin' me Q-Tip, Quen-Ton
All this--- well you know what? You're wearin' fuckin' thongs!
I don't really give a damn, nigga I'mma come in
Best believe, I'll end up makin' you feel you had twins
And I don't even give a shit what niggas might think
'Cause I'm the realest nigga that ever your thoughts will think
Nowadays you end up hearin' that you fuckin' stink
Your rhymes end up comin' in like it's the Voila
But instead, man, I end up comin' in like fly
Flyer than Drake
Flyer than The Shakes
But then, y'knowhatman? I'll make you feel colder than blisters
So most like y'all end up bringin' winter upon the December!
Yes indeed, you'll end up wonderin' what my name is
You know who, mane---I come through with the pain, and
Don't really matter 'bout my veins, man
'Cause I'mma come through: game end!
Game on, like people be commentin' a song
Y'knowhat? Y'all people be thinkin' about The Wrong
Don't even start with me about this shit
But I'mma bust niggas like this ain't shit, at all!

Yo nigga! What was up with that shit?!?!!
Nigga, you better keep on goin' 'round this beat!!!
Don't give up right now!!!

[Verse 2 - Quentino]
You end up thinkin' that you ready for the realest
Y'all'll end up wonderin' 'bout that other guy from Gene Autry
Well, you know what? I ain't 'bout to say shit
But if I end up sayin' somethin', best believe I leave him with this:
Know he thinkin' that he is the greatest rapper
But instead I'll be thinkin' that he is a disaster
Comin' in outta after, math,
And you know what, man? It's comin' just like fax
Knowin' 'bout this nigga--- I heard few things about him
But I'mma just shut up before I keep on talkin' bladder
And you know what, man? I might as well splatter
His whole entire career---
Then again, he never had a career...
How can you call yourself Faymus
If you never knew been to Fame?
'Cause you know what? Y'all niggas end up thinkin' like pedophiles...
Track Name: HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin' Right)
[Verse - Quentino]
65'in' everytime, and knowin' that I'm doin' the rhyme
But yet these people don't get it when I be goin' in like it was that street
Nowadays they end up thinkin' about that street
But instead I be goin' so hard that these people can't even go that far
And everything else, and knowin' that life ends up takin' me on routes
And you know what, man? I'm wonderin' if it makes me wanna pout
But I guess that's life 'cause you know what, man? That's how we livin'
Every time up on these ghetto streets, ignorin' how I live it, man
It's really killer out here, I don't see so much shit happen
Done lost a lot of family members but we still happenin'
Still gettin' live, still on the drive, knowin' that people be thinkin' they on my highway
But I'm hittin' up the fast lane
And y'know what, man? It's the life that I'm livin'
You can't even be able to stop us
Everything that I end up thinkin',
Yeah, we still rockin' the whole entire house
Like it's an earthquake
Yeah, you'll be thinkin' the earth shake
Almost like I'm hittin' up "Yonkers"
But instead I'm callin' my Father
Nowadays, I been wonderin'
Do I even look like Him?
But yet I'm just hopin' that I'll be able to make it up outta here
Tryin' to be able to hit the north side, not the other side
And you know what, man? They end up hatin' on my style
But it don't matter, though.
'Cause you know what, man? I still go
Still keep on goin' with the flow
These people can't stop 'cause I hit 'em with flows
That they can't even see
You could end up thinkin' I'm Twista
But nah, I don't leave blisters upon these hitters
Ignorin' that they be thinkin' I'm an assasin
And you know that I be hittin' 'em like Aladdin
Yes indeed, I'll be flyin' on the carpet
You'll be thinkin' that I'm on The Other Side
With these niggas, who end up hearin' about
The way I end up breakin' the flow
Motherfuckers think they ready to be fuckin' with a ho
And you know what? Shit!
I ain't fuckin' with no bitch or none of that shit
'Cause you know what? I'm just tryna watch my temper
When it get tempered,
But instead, knowin' that I'm in a blaze
You'll be thinkin' 'bout them days
I don't give a shit what a nigga might say
'Cause it's all just a fuckin' daze
Yeah, still wearin' the same ole kind of swag, though
But I guess these niggas think they have room to brag, though
You could brag if you want to, motherfucker, but you know what? Shit
I still rep the same thing: Chrome Omega up in this bitch, nigga!
Don't, really give a shit, yes indeed, oh go figure!
But you'll end up thinkin' that you been drinkin' a lot of liquor
I don't really give a fuck, and you know what, nigga?
Don't make me have to end up killin' the beat
And knowin' that people be thinkin' that I'm King of the Speed
But you know that I'mma be bringin' the heat
And you know what, man? It's a motherfuckin' Encore
Nowadays I been thinkin' that I'm On
But instead, I be end up wakin' up after hittin' 'em with this
Yes indeed, I be breakin' in the AK-47
Like a rat-a-tat-mother-fuckin'-revvin'
Nowadays you'll be thinkin' I'm a reverend
'Cause I really don't give a shit
And nigga, I'm ready
To, wreck the whole beat
Fuck this shit!
Nigga, fuck all y'all niggas that be talkin' shit
But you know what, motherfucker?
Suck a dick
And you know what, man?
You're gonna end up bein' one of them cockblockers,
Them cocksuckers,
And everything else that ends up rhymin' with Roc, suckers!
I'm out!
Track Name: Stay Schemin (Dissin Time)
[Intro - Kreative Tendencies]
(*Publish or Perish* TAG)
Bitch, you wasn't with me shootin' in the gym!
Uhh!!! Boss!
Rick Ross, Triple C's of my yayo!

[Verse 1 - DJ Doo-Bay]
(All right, fair enough)
Yeah, stay schemin', stay believin'
I'm doin' this shit, stayin' up late every evening
Almost there, man-- it feels like I'm still dreamin'
Leavin' was somethin' I never wanted to do
But you pushed me till the only thing I could say is, "I'm through"
I hate the way you make me feel
The way you treat me, you brush it off like it's no big deal
This is somethin' I gotta do
I'm sorry, baby, but maybe later we can start anew
If I was Drake I would say all the things to make it right
The only pussy he gets is the ones that watch Nick at Nite
Or was it Teen Nick? Man, I don't really know
How can you be hard when hockey is the hardest thing out of Toronto?
Are you black or are you white? Meh, we don't know
How can you start shit with Common?
You're not even in the same league, so stop it
The best move you made was gettin' off "Degrassi"
Now lastly, I'mma quit before shit gets real nasty!

[Hook - Kreative Tendencies]
I ride for my niggas, uh! I ride for my niggas
I ride for my niggas, dawg! I ride for my niggas
(BLACK SMITH: Stay schemin', niggas try'na get at we three kings...)

[Verse 2 - Quentino]
Lemme start off by tellin' Rick Ross a little somethin'
Bro, you need to be able to understand this:
You go from bein' a correctional facility officer to somebody who be hustlin'?
Nah, fuck all of that! (DJ DOO-BAY: You're fucking stupid!)
'Cause you know what? You on stage and you pull of your shirt---
Nigga, put your shirt back on! Don't nobody wanna see that black hole!
'Cause every time we look at it we like, "Oh my God!"
Your face is tattooed on it like it's The Rock.
Then we go into Drake... Nigga, just stay sober
'Cause last time you wasn't sober, you was throwin' bunch of bottles!
Shit! I feel sorry for you, nigga, 'cause Chris Brown probably would'a knocked that ass out!
(Uh huh!) But then again, niggas thinkin' they ballin' like Kobe
You can't ball like my nigga Derrick Rose, outta Chicago
Yes, indeed, these niggas heard of Murciélagos
Like my name is Twista, but instead I be bringin' them blister(s)---
But instead they'll be thinkin' about them niggas
That bring back Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
And y'know what... I don't even know... I guess...
In some cases Krayzie Bone really did kill these niggas!


[Verse 3 - Kreative Tendencies]
Retro kicks, fast cars, and temp fades
On my grind on the road to anything that pays
Yeah! Dead faces makin' sense to me
In essence I guess that's how it's really meant to be
Logically, niggas wanna stop me
But that ain't want the fuck they want. I'm from O-City
Where we load the shells and shoot, see?
O-City, we don't give a fuck about your co-signs
If we see it and we like it, nigga, it's ours! Uh-huh!
I'm from the city where the city slicks ride horses and pop nines/Nas
A mixture of New York and Montana, bitch! It's my city's time to shine...
This world mine!


[Outro - Kreative Tendencies]
Man... fuck Drake!
Toronto, Ontario, Canada?
Fuck yo' city got three names for?!
And it ain't that I don't like you, Drake--
It's that I don't respect you.
There's a lot of people that I don't like--
Well, that I like, but I don't respect
One of 'em's Al Sharpton
... You know what? Fuck that. Don't nobody like Al Sharpton
Got on the fuckin' Jena Six thing and made it completely worse!
Talkin' about... "Martin Luther King said...
That he had a dream...
That White people, and Black people..."
...Bitch shut the fuck up!!!
You're fucking stupid!
(What'd that even have to do with the situation?!)
What did King's speech have to do
With two people gettin' into it and beatin' the fuck out of each other?!?
One got their ass whooped, got mad, and pressed charges
Shit...and you wonder why nobody don't like you?
We don't trust yo' ass!
You a politician, with a jheri curl!
...Who the fuck wears a jheri curl anymore?!?!
One: We don't trust politicians.
And two: We don't trust anybody that wears jheri curls anymore!
AND you've gotta fuckin' bald spot!
Bitch, it's called Rogaine Foam!!
(Background laughter from Smith & Doo-Bay) me fucked up...
Fuck Al Sharpton!!!
Possum-faced motherfucker!!!!
Track Name: Follow Your Lead (feat. Black Smith)
[Verse 1 - Quentino]
My life is full of situations in the life I'm livin'
But I guess I'm hopin' that I'll be able to find salvation
Probably not in this world, because it's full of material things
That I'm seein' in life's narration
I end up wonderin', Will I ever see another day?
Nothin' every promises tomorrow, from what they be tellin'
Then again, that's what they say
Even my mama had told me that she ain't gonna be here forever
Yet it still brings tears to my face
And I'm just wonderin' if God will ever take me to the gates
Of Heaven, but yet I can't even be able to understand
What's this world gotta do me with me up in its plan?
Can I be an angel, at least for once?
Instead of livin' in this life full of chaos
Where I end up dealin' with a bunch of demons goin' deep into my head
But yet I'm hopin' God that I can follow your lead instead!

[Hook - Joe Budden]
I don't need the money (money), I don't need the fame (fame)
I don't need the lifestyle, I don't need the pain (pain)
I don't need the clubs (uh), I don't need the cars
None of that really matters to me (whoa)
I don't want the bad bitch, I don't want the strain (nope)
I don't want the highs, enough shit on the brain
I don't want whatever's gonna help me be sane
I just wanna follow your lead

[Verse 2 - Quentino]
Wonderin' about the life that I've been livin'---yeah, it's full of chaos
Because niggas is Bloods and Crips and Hoovers
But I guess that's just my life and the end means of situations
Man, I'm just prayin' for all of my family members, I'm prayin'
For my kinfolks that are involved in all of that
Prayin' for everybody that ends up bein' in that
But I guess that's just my life, livin' in these same times
Nowadays I'm wonderin', why am I still alive?
I shouldn't even question God, 'cause he is the main person
That has always ended up givin' me answers and gave me blessings
But I guess that when it came to every other lesson
That I done failed, I end up wonderin'
Am I really payin' attention,
Or am I thinkin' of fishin'?
But yet, y'know what, man? I'm just fishin' off deep in the sea, dodgin' all the sharks,
But yet I'm still hopin' that I can stop and get away from the black ink of the darkness, ya know?

[Hook - Joe Budden]
I don't need the money (money), I don't need the fame (fame)
I don't need the lifestyle, I don't need the pain (pain)
I don't need the clubs (uh), I don't need the cars
None of that really matters to me (whoa)
I don't want the bad bitch, I don't want the strain (nope)
I don't want the highs, enough shit on the brain
I don't want whatever's gonna help me be sane
I just wanna follow your lead

[Verse 3 - Black Smith]
You sayin' follow my lead, follow---follow my lead
Pen in my hand, your word strapped to my knee
That gift that you gave me was the freest therapy
Now the phrases I coin are the freest currensy
Sanity, once a tempest, now the cleanest vision possible
Temper's evened out--- oddly enough my biggest obstacle
Was my own mindset, yeah; my own sword of Damocles
Threatenin' to slice the cells beneath my own damn follicles
The stones life cast at me, the roads I stumbled on
Bumpy that they be, made one hell of a rumble zone
I wrestled with my demons, body-slammed all their tag-alongs
Cleaned the big picture, edited my very own travelogue
The strength to carry on---yeah, I got that from you
Experience the hardest teacher, but it's shapin' my view
On the way toward the top, grass ain't the greenest hue
But I know I won't stay blue as long as I keep on searchin' for the truth

[Hook - Joe Budden]
I don't need the money (money), I don't need the fame (fame)
I don't need the lifestyle, I don't need the pain (pain)
I don't need the clubs (uh), I don't need the cars
None of that really matters to me (whoa)
I don't want the bad bitch, I don't want the strain (nope)
I don't want the highs, enough shit on the brain
I don't want whatever's gonna help me be sane
I just wanna follow your lead

[Outro - Quentino]
They say I've been lookin' for the King of Kings
I can't help but look for him because of this world
It's full of salvationlessness (I guess) and a late feder' rate (just)
Nowadays I'm wonderin' about people of Matrix
I'm too busy bein' all in a fantasy world
Too busy thinkin' about the "main one" kind of girl
But what's the difference of everything?
I don't need even need immaterial things
I don't need...